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DaParson - Dr. Mark Redd

Welcome to DaParson's Web Site.   Dr. Mark Redd has taken the pseudonym "DaParson" over the past few years.  This name started during a research project that prepared people to go into public internet chat rooms and offer biblical advisement.  It was then adapted to a user name in various web forums and now many people outside of Dr. Redd's Church simply know him as DaParson.

The contents on this website is a introduction to various interests of Dr. Redd including many of the blogs that he has written.

Since 2001, Dr. Redd has been the Senior Pastor at Bayshore Baptist Church in LaPorte, Texas.  He holds a Doctorate and Masters Degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary along with degrees from University of Houston at Clear Lake City, East Texas Baptist University and Capenwray Hall University in England

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